Giving Back,

Help Us As we continue to Change the Lives of those within Our Community One Step at a time.

Why Donate?

Our Ability to Provide Programs and Services To The Community Is Supported Through Tuition, Grants, Charitable Gifts and Donations.


Below you may choose to make a financial donation to our efforts as we enhance the lives of our students and build a better community. Once you have determined the amount that you have chosen to give, select the ‘Click Donation‘ and you will be forwarded to the secured contribution page that will give you an option to donate to our Church, Church of Abundant Life Center or our School, Community Enrichment & Developmental Institute.

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Our Church and School is only as successful as those who support our efforts to make a difference in the lives of those who benefit from our programs and services. By making a donation, you are paying it forward into the lives of our students, participants and our community.

Donations made to Church of Abundant Life Center and/or Community Enrichment & Developmental Institute are put to work immediately and are not refundable. A receipt of contribution will be forwarded once the donation has been received and registered.

 Thank You For Supporting Our Efforts!

Church of Abundant Life Center

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Community Enrichment & Developmental Institute

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