About CEDI

Who We Are. . .

Community Enrichment & Developmental Institute, also know as CEDI is a non profit 501c3 private school. We are dedicated to educating, enhancing and cultivating the lives of our students in our Daycare, ages ranging from 6 weeks to 3 years old) as well as in our school, ages ranging from 4 to 14 years old, pre-kindergarten through 8th grade). We are a team of professionals working together to develop wisdom, knowledge and good moral principals that our students can utilize on a day to day basis and throughout life.

Our History. . .

Community Enrichment & Developmental Institute began in 2006. CEDI was founded and comprised by a team of highly educated teachers and professionals that saw a need for educational advancement and growth for our youth. CEDI’s teachers began to teach students pre-k through 8th grade that had been struggling or had fallen behind in the public school sector in educational studies.

Our Mission. . .

Our Mission is to reach, teach and provide quality education to all students throughout our community and surrounding communities. We empower students to take responsibility for their present and future learning by developing both their interpersonal and educational skills, thereby propelling them into success in the “NOW” as well as in their future endeavors.

We believe that

Quality Teaching + Effective Effort = High Achievement

Our Vision. . .

Our Vision is to provide outstanding educational support in a comprehensive and integrated work environment; and to prepare each student to succeed while embracing their own unique individuality.

Our Values. . .

Creating continuous support in our learning environments and motivating individuals to excel.

Respecting our educational environment as well as those within our community, embracing our differences, and appreciating the value of our students, families, colleagues and culture.

Dedicating ones self to being of service to others in the spirit of excellence.

Conducting one’s self honestly as well as taking responsibility for ourselves and others.

Meet Our Board…

Community Enrichment & Developmental Institutes Board of Directors is made up of recognized leaders across many areas of expertise, such as education, training, advocacy and business development. The Board meets in person every quarter and is responsible for taking care of the strategic and financial health of the organization on an ongoing basis. They represent the broad diversity of our membership and contribute significant amounts of time, talent, and energy to further the mission of the organization.

Our Founder & CEO

Dr. Catherine M. Fox
Dr. Catherine M. FoxOur Founder
Hi, I am Dr. Catherine Fox. I taught in the public school sector, grades pre-k through 8th, ages 4-14, for over 10 years. During this time, I not only witnessed first hand educational disadvantages amongst students that had been subject to large class sizes and disproportion student/teacher ratio; but also the disadvantages of students that were subject to inadequate resources, bullying and violence. Disadvantages such as these caused major setbacks amongst students that were striving to meet educational standards; and because of this, I knew that changes needed to be made, but how? How would I go about making a difference in the lives of students that had fallen behind? How would I make changes in the atmosphere in which students learn? What about those students that felt discouraged? Or those that felt incapable of learning? I knew that educational and environmental changes were an essential key in changing the lives of students. I along with a group of school officials decided to work together, to form what we know today as Community Enrichment & Developmental Institute. Community Enrichment & Developmental Institute was created to meet the needs of all students across the board. Those students that had fallen behind or those that were discouraged; those students that were said to have learning disabilities, or those that were simply distracted by being subjected to large class sizes. As a team we aspire to give each student different tools to learn while they learn at a comfortable yet consistent pace. Overall our goal is to help each student retain the information learned long-term. Our teaching techniques are geared towards building self-esteem and awareness; while creating an environment that makes an impact that is both challenging yet fun for all students.
Ann L. Frye
Ann L. FryeVice President
Mrs. Ann Frye has a B.S. in Management, she is an Administrative Asst., and has also worked as a Substitute teacher. She is an advocate for women and health, an organizational leader and musician.
Ms. Ciara Jackson
Ms. Ciara JacksonSecretary
Ms. Jackson has an MBA, MS of Computer Security Management, She is a trainer of systems operations, a recruiter, team builder and mentor
Mr. Lee Stuckey
Mr. Lee StuckeyTreasurer
Mr. Stuckley is a Public Service Training Manager. He is a mentor for troubled youth, a community advocate, and a volunteer.
Katrina Marie
Katrina MarieMember
Ms. Katrina Marie has an Associates in Computer Information Systems & Micro Computer Applications. She has also earned her Bachelors in Business Leadership
She is innovative, effective in public communication, a motivational speaker and community leader

Our Goals. . .

Create a wholesome learning environment that promotes independent thinkers.

Embrace differences, build confidence and motivate

Make our learning journey fun yet challenging, keeping our students involved and enthusiastic about the learning process.

Build teacher/student relationships promoting communication, cooperation and mutual respect.

What People Are Saying About CEDI. . .

I was a former T/A paraprofessional at CEDI. I enjoyed every minute of it! I was not only able to witness, but also to be instrumental in educating students and helping them achieve success.

A. Miller

My son attended CEDI. He tremendously improved overall in all subjects. Not only did his teachers help improve his grades, but his confidence as well. When he started at CEDI he was in 5th grade working between a 3rd and 4th grade level, after one years time he has not only caught up to his grade level, but has advanced to a 6th grade level in reading and writing. The time and attentiveness they put into their students is unbelievable. I highly recommend any parents that wants to see growth in their children education to enroll them in CEDI.


Community Enrichment & Developmental Institute is and has always been a great school! The teachers have always went above and beyond to help meet the needs of the children. I’ve always felt that the teachers promote and foster a challenging learning environment where kids can be kids!

Dr. Barrie

I was a participant in the adult literacy program. I learned computer literacy and other job readiness skills. I am now employed as a secretary and I am now currently enrolled in college furthering my education.

Victoria T.

In my opinion, this is one of the better daycares/schools around. My child has gained great communicative and social skills since being there. I enjoy their Toddler, Talk and Teach Program and the fact that they have an open door policy. Great atmosphere! Great staff and above all I feel that my child is safe and secure while there.

Ms. Gibson

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